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    Southern California Charity Ride

    Did this last year and had a great time, ride is down the Pacific Coast highway here in so cal and is to benefit a great cause, Burn survivors and the Grossman burn center. They do a nice job putting it on, i even won a raffle prize last year lol. Be nice to see some more FZ6R there this year...
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    Gear indicator ABS bike

    does the XJS come with an ABS option? our FZ6Rs do not unless they added it for 15. I wish it had a gear indicator on it too.
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    Help With Mod Selections!!! pls

    No contest, new seat!! Search "Dirt Road custom" thread. That is by far the best mod i have done, off your list id go with frame sliders then flush mount turn signal. I also have the t-rex tapered sliders and i had zero problems with them and they look about 10x better than the shogun which look...
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    New member in Cali

    welcome from another Cali FZ6R rider, however not too close to Paso Robles. Lots of great canyons to ride up there im guessing. +1 on frame sliders and the seat has been my favorite mod, the stock one sucks. Search up dirt road custom on the site and you can see mine. Be safe and gear up.
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    Proud new owner of white 2012 FZ6R from SoCal

    i have the exact same bike, except pretty modded now lol. That picture by Lake Castaic? I live in the valley about 20 miles away. Good luck on your test, find your local DMV and practice on the circle when they are closed like sundays.
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    Air scoop turn signals help

    Yep those look like they will work, order me a pair too mine could use an update lol
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    Air scoop turn signals help

    those triangular ones that Scott and i have are the most visable from the front i have seen, as for the strips you should get ones the bend side to side like ours not front to back, i tried some of those because they were black strips but didnt work where we wanted them.
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    Yamaha Recall

    Glad its not me lol, however i still have never seen a 2015 FZ6R, took long enough for them to appear. Still havent seen a 15 FZ1 either.
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    Need US riders help please !! :P

    im kind of the opinion that as long as its DOT and ECE certified its a lot of money some helmets just for the name brand. I love bluetooth, I bought a Torc with built in bluetooth for like $120 bucks and i love it. Not as good as a Sena headset of course but then again those are 300 on top of...
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    Adding to the stables......

    Congrats you will not regret it. At first then dont care about dad at all but by the time they are 2 dad is the best, until about 10 when minecraft and friends take over so make sure to suck up every moment of daddy time while you can it goes by SOOOO fast.
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    Yamaha Recall

    i cant see the images is there a link or something or should i not worry as i have a 2012? what is the recall for?
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    New rider needs help

    id be more worried about a bunch of guys trying to call for a date or breathing heavy or something lol
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    Interesting, certainly unique. There is like desert camo, jungle camo, thats like air camo, do a lot of jumps with it? lol
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    Dirt Road Custom seat review

    those are probably my favorite ones i have seen, if i had thought of it i would have had him put a strip of white in mine too! I just talked to him and apparently he likes doing the FZ seats, said dont send me any more harley or bmw guys lol.
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    Bar riser mounts

    Im with KSK, i replaced mine but with bigger ones that tilted back some. Put much less pressure on my wrists and i love them.