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  • i had never even posted a message before so no i didnt. Thanks! I will be voting or trying to get another great shot of mine :)
    LMAO! It was changed on 10/22, enjoy it.....gonna get BOTM going for Jan. 2015 so gallery will go up in December :)
    p.s. you know if you leave a message on your page for someone else, chances are it won't be see right away?
    Oh and yes, it is a damn good looking bike! ;)
    I am interested in getting new fairing and windshield bolts on my 09 FZ6R. I am worried about buying one's that do not fit. I saw you commented on a post awhile back that you got new ones on ebay. Could you tell me the seller or send me a link to the one's you bought that fit your bike? Thanks!
    Tony, I PM'd you, but your inbox os full Looking for contact info on the moto shipping company you sent me a couple weeks back!
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