Woodcraft clip on handlebar mod

Hey guys, first post here, question:

Is the lowering y'all refer to simply moving the forks up in the triple tree to give the clip ons something to fasten to? I just got a used fz6r that has the stock bars, but there is already about 1.5'' of fork sticking up past the triple tree. So my bike is already lowered in the front then, correct? All I have to do is fasten the clip ons, install the controls and I'm good to go?
Yes what you described in your first sentence is precisely what it is... and if you have any bit of fork sticking up, then your bike has been lowered in the front. Lucky for you, if it truly is exactly 1.5'' then you should be able to bolt on the clip-on clamshells with no further modification. Makes you wonder if the previous owner had clip-ons mounted and removed them before making the sale.


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I ended up getting a set of Driven Racing Halo 1.5" riser clip ons for my FZ6R. I cannot figure out a way to ergonomically configure the controls/bars to give my steering full range of motion with what I have.

My question is this: Can I remove the front inner panel that the instrument cluster sits in to give myself the ability to turn all the way? It doesn't seem like the panel is structurally neccessary.

EDIT: I think I'm just going to angle the levers upward and trim this giant boomer touring windscreen I bought the bike with to clear full range of motion.
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