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  • No, the website close down earlier this year. I got out of exhaust business since the demand was low. I might pump a little batch of DIY kit if few member want some early next year.
    Hi Marthy installing new 787s. What is the end to end measurement you cut them to? Assuming you took some length off? Thanks.

    There's a hose on the airbox that connect on the RH top side, under the fuel tank. Disconnect the hose then stuff something in there to block it... then plug it back on the airbox so crap don't get in... just as good as doing the BOP.
    :eek:Just wanted to send another HUGE thank you to you. thins thing is bonkers!. I cant believe how much louder it is and how many improvements it made to my ride.

    it does have a little garle when decel. but i guess thats tough to tune out . no backfiring though. I dont have a boplate so i am certain that's playing a factor as well.

    As soon as i left the garage , and got on a busy street. PD right behind me for like 3 miles. sucked. I finally pulled into a gas station and let him cruise by.

    yes! yes! yes!. Ill get those pictures and some sound up and to you asap. !!

    thanks BOSS!
    Check out the how too video or read the PCV instructions. Need to tap the pink wire from the bike speed sensor on top of the gearbox to the PCV with a 22G wire. So the PCV know your speed/gear you're running.
    Sure. Just download the map directly from my website under Tech Support. Advgear RevB has been the best over the years... just hook up the speed sensor to the PCV.
    Hello Senor!.
    Is there a specific Map for the exhaust I just had done. Still wiating for it to get here but figured i would install the PCV as so not to have too much work on one day. Lemme know
    Yes in deed! LOL I ordered some SSteel to redo the inlet end cap area... Waiting on quotes to get some Marthy MES badges made to put on them too. Should have my first 4 done by the end of next week or so.
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