How To bar end mirror mod


The basic idea of this mod is to allow the mounting of most any cheap eBay or Amazon-type bar end mirrors without sacrificing hand space, or having to change handlebars, since the 6R uses screw-in bar ends.
I realize many of us might not have (or have access to) a metal lathe, but for those that do, this is a simple mod that I think could be of some use.
The summary of work is as follows:
  1. Unscrew stock bar ends using an 8mm Allen key/wrench
  2. Mount bar ends in lathe, turn down the outer end to provide an area of constant diameter for mounting of the mirror clamp ring. THe diameter and length of the area you need to turn down is dictated by the inner diameter and width of the mounting ring of your mirrors. Mine were 30mm ID with a 12.7mm (1/2") ring width. Adjust accordingly. These ring mounts have a very limited clamping range, so make sure you get it close to the maximum opening size of the ring, or you won't be able to tighten the clamp. If you happen to overshoot and turn the bar end(s) too small, you can add tape or a similar spacer inside the mounting ring to reduce the inner diameter, and get it working, but obviously it's best not to have to do this. Go slow with the machining. Measure 3 times, cut once. Remove only thousandths per pass, you can't put it back.
  3. Refinish the bare metal to your liking (I used rattle can Krylon Fusion 2-in-1 Flat Black). Allow time to dry, or accelerate with heat gun - do not overheat
  4. Reinstall bar ends on bike using 8mm Allen Key/wrench.
  5. Install mirrors in the orientation of your choice. Do not over tighten the clamping bolt. If you do, you will break the mount. One of mine came broken right out of the box, so I'm having to have it replaced. These things are quite fragile.
  6. Done! Enjoy being able to see behind you without whacking your hands on the mirrors every time you shift position. :)
Photos of the machining work and installation below, but it should be fairly self-explanatory from the steps above, I hope.
20210317_220607 (Large).jpg20210317_223602 (Large).jpgfinished (Large).jpg
These are the mirrors I bought
They're not great quality, to be honest, but they were cheap. :)
I'll probably get these later, if I stick with this type of mounting arrangement.
I really just wanted to see if I like the bar end style of mirror, and this was the cheapest way to test that.