Marthy's Airbox mod


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just a couple questions. with this airbox mod being done whats the solution to the power commander? do you need to have it or not. i have read in a couple places that the bikes run a little on the lean side anyway and if you do this it makes it run leaner. which will burn the valves. so for those of us without a power commander or the likes is this a safe thing to do with out hurting the engine? also without the power commander after doing this mod hows it effect the performance? better low end? better top end or midrange? i guess whats the advantages of doing it without the power commander?


without the PCV the bike will loose bottom end, but mid/high RPM's are better


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youll be fine, your already running lean with a full exhaust as it stands with no PCV


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Results ?

So how did you go with the airbox mod once you fixed your clutch??

Do you have any dyno numbers mate :)

I would love to know the outcome of this one mate :):steve: