FZ6R Spark Plug replacement


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I did my spark plug change today. I put in the ngk iridium plugs. my 6R is at 9,200 miles. Took me an hour and 45 minutes. Overall, it was not too hard to do. I had alot of fun doing it. I posted a few pictures. On the spark plug tube for spark plug #4, I noticed some white residue, almost like a powder. The pictures show some of it, but by the time I took the pictures, I had wiped most of it down already.

Thanks to the op for the write up!


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Great write up. I just replaced mine a few minutes ago.

The only problem I had was the stupid clamps in picture 6. Mine were turned to the side and I tried every pair of pliers(including needle nose) and channel locks I had. Nothing would work. So I threw a couple of wrenches on the ground out of anger and came up with an Idea. I used some Locking surgical pliers with a curve in them like these:

Finally got those suckers off... Everything from that point on was a piece of cake.

the bike runs nice and smooth again.


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Nice pics.

It's a good thing to get rid of that white residue.

The standard plugs are iridium and last for 100 000 km right ?
This would only be recommended for the curious.


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Yes, I figured it was. My question however, was whether that white residue is normal, or whether it indicates that there's a problem with my bike.
Yes, the white residue is normal if there's been arching where you don't want it. (normal, but not desired) You basically have to keep everything superclean near the spark plug bodies.

My turbo car would misfire at 15 PSI if there was any white residue near the spark plug tubes. After cleaning the tubes, then I could turn the boost up to 17PSI without a misfire. I'd imagine for high compression motorbike engines, its similar for high power levels, you lose top-end power with residue-y spark plug tubes.


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Definitely overdue. Also new oil, filter, and clean fork seals.


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does anybody know why i cant view the photos? it tells me to log in. but every time i do it redirects me to log in again.


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Thank you, Roaddawg, for the awesome write up. Made changing the spark plugs very easy. Of course I did have my husband's help in doing the "heavy lifting" (removing the tops off the plugs was quite tough...) :) I didn't realize they should have been replaced at 8000 mi. (bad me!) but they actually looked quite good at 18000 mi. Wondering if this will help with the occasional weird stalling/hesitation I have been experiencing when the bike is cold.


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This thread was a great help

Thank you for this thread. I just finished replacing my plugs and the operation was a success. It took about 3 careful hours, working slow and meticulously. I don't think it was necessary to remove the two big side fairings to get the work done and those things can take the longest time to re-install. I pinned the instructions to a corkboard in the garage for next time.