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  • No problem. Here ya go. Excuse the blur... kind of an an impromptu pic.
    You made a good choice with the Drift HD. I recently got the Ghost, and I'm not happy with the charging. Never had that issue with the HD.

    This is the Bell RS-1 I have it mounted to now. One change I might make is flipping the mount 180 degrees, so you slip the cam in back to front, as opposed to how I have it mounted. However, once it *clicks* in, I haven't had any issues with it slipping at all. It takes a little tinkering to get the angle of the clip part just the way you want it, but the nice thing is, you can adjust the clip on the cam, and not have to be *too* careful about how you angle the mount on the helmet.

    Let me know how it works out for you --

    Ride safe...

    "Are you trying to build more experience points for visitor msgs now? :)"
    nOOOOOWhy ever would you say that?

    I notice that you list frame sliders as a mod you have done. I don't see them on your profile pic. Do yo uhave a pic of them? Thanks.
    please resist, its the last thing I wanna hear is a fellow rider going down bro....I know its tempting but the roads are horrid. Next time u roll up to a stoplight roll ur window down and look at the loose crap on the road :(
    we need to do some more riding together man. Im buying a house in elk river we close on the 16th. So im a little further away but we still need to go for some rides
    I think you will do just fine around me, Im a good but patient rider and I can take you to some good back roads to get comfortable on without alot of traffic! Hit me up man! I work in burnsville myself so I hear ya on the busy life!
    Ah ok I found them now. :)
    I'm still cruising the back roads. The most daring I've been is on back roads to hwy95 going towards princeton, then on my way back is when I wiped out by home in sartell. I would love to ride with you when I get more comfortable and proficient, but I REALLY think I would just annoy the heck out of you right now. With working in the cities, I can only ride about one day a week maybe two if I am really lucky. Tempted to try riding down though into becker or monty, buffalo or maple lake though. Downtown cloud scares me too much yet though. Need to get faster on starts and some regular turns yet. Hopefully ride some though when get more proficient?
    speaking of which, Im avail. tonight if you want to meet up in cloud or somewhere like st augusta and go for a short cruise
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