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  • Hey JT I checked out your Air box Mod. I was just wondering how did you keep the shavings from the holes out of the system. Also does this effect your fuel eco or engine in any way...
    Hey JT I am looking for a where I can get a projector and angle eyes in blue. Where did you get the insert for you headlights
    The bike's great! I'm pretty sure you saw, but I got a new one today.. I thought I was going to replace the 6R, but I just can't bring myself to part with it.
    If you haven't gotten a new rear tire yet, you should check out the new Dunlop Q3. Same price as the outgoing Q2 everyone loves, but more grip and longer lasting.
    Things are pretty well settled. Loving the new city. Got the hit up some twisties with a few guys (leemo, bleedinblue, SpawnXX) from here on Saturday, so that was nice to see what this area has to offer by way of roads to ride. Hope all is well with you.
    should get new tire tomorrow.... then I'll put on a temporary chain until mine ships next month... have a used chain that the awesome Marthy sent me, as his old one had no where near the miles of mine.... so it'll get me by until the new one gets in
    Pretty good, she has been sitting a lot lately, it was raining all last week, and now I am busy with retrofits, plus I need to support the exhaust and install the autotune.

    My son is 6months tomorrow. Seems like it has been a year. He is doing really good. Starting to sit up on his own. Exciting!!
    Well, believe it or not the tank emblems came in... they look good but debating putting them on still. The center of the raised badge on both is sticky... like it has an adhesive on it... and no matter how many times I wipe it down... it stays sticky. I am going to try some goo gone tomorrow and see if that does it... If that doesn't work they aren't going on the bike.
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