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    Power Commander

    Two options; save your current map to PC and load a zero map. This passes through the OEM ECU inputs and your MPGs should near the old ###. On the FZ6, all inputs are passthough and one can simply unplug the FC from the Injectors and Plug the Injectors back into the OEM ECU. Again, MPG should...
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    New Server

    Thanks Dennis! Always appreciated! Any chance of getting the Thanks and Like buttons working?
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    My 2012 Yamaha FZ6R shifts hard

    Everything shared points to cable failure. I would be ordering a new one as this one is likely fraying and about to snap. Loosen the adjuster completely and disconnect the cable from the perch. Then bend the tab on engines lever side up and disconnect the cable end from the lever. Pull the...
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    Power Commander newbie

    Does this version of PC retain the O2 sensor?
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    Anyone transport Bike via trailer hitch rack?????

    You need to be very selective in receiver choices as not all class 3 receivers are rated for the same load or tongue weight. In each class, 3, 4, and 5 there are different load carrying abilities. Be sure to verify exactly what have so nothing bad happens. The minimum is a class 3 with weight...
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    Will 2005 R6 header fit 2009 FZ6R?

    Check this one out 1997 to 2007! 4TV-14602-00-00 YAMAHA EXHAUST PIPE COMP.
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    Will 2005 R6 header fit 2009 FZ6R?

    This is so you can do your own thing but use the where used function on these sites. Keep in mind that color changes can make a new part number! 5SL-14602-00-00 YAMAHA EXHAUST PIPE COMP.
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    HOWTO: Install Graves AIS Blockoffs

    FWIW the main reason AIS blocking plates are installed is to get a proper O2 reading when on the dyno and/or using an O2 data logger as the added air fouls up testing making it look lean when it is not.
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    HID turns on and off?

    Agreed, likely a loose connection. You might stick volt meter on the battery at each state; Off for two hours or more: 12.85 to 13.00v Idle: 13 but very dependent on batt state i.e. fully charged? 2500 RPM: 14 - 14.5 5000 RPM: 14 - 14.5 The reason is although the bike may run voltages over...
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    Fuel pump problem, bike not starting

    Excellent! You get the gauge working too? If not, Pop the connector apart and examine the wires.
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    Fuel pump problem, bike not starting

    Any chance the wires were strained? They are the weakest link and more often than not, they get stretched beyond their means. Although the connector "green one" on the fz6 has power, if it is damaged and only has a few strands left, it can show voltage but lack the current carrying capacity...
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    Rear suspension leak

    Clean it off. See if it repeats. If it gets bouncy, time to upgrade...
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    Led flasher type

    Follow that link and the picture is there. That model has the relay, a short lead, and plug. The OEM FZ6 was one piece. Both mount the same and connect the same and yes, they are 2 prong, 2 post, 2 conductor, 2 wire.... whatever you want to call it. It's here on the right side.
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    Led flasher type

    FZ6 is 2 wire. The R IDK but 99% certain its the same. This is on the other forum... $9.oo Electronic Flasher Relays-Great Price!
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    FZ6 Cam Install Project

    Are both the FZ and the R 105/105 stock? Its been too long.