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Settle down...dont let me get my Dad voice out

I only 'bumped for newbies' as alot of the old threads have interesting/ humurous yet informing posts on topics.
& yes because not as many frequent here as once did with their wealth of experience, the best way to get a broad spectrum opinion is to read the older threads

We were all newbies once

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well i am glad none of us are agro :)
I was really commenting on people that get upset at people for posting a topic that has already been covered, like mirrors or 87 vs 91. Reading an old post is not as fun as writing a new one and engaging people in a conversation vs. reading someone elses conversation. I do agree that there is a ton of good information in the old posts though.
JT, new girl, new job, new hobbies, when new BIKE?? :)
this forum helped me tremendously in tons of areas riding technique, Service, gear, spending all my money on mods lol Ive also made tons of online friends I hope to someday ride with. I have had various rides with members I meet thru the forum. Giving back is what we must do. Although I will admit once I was made a moderator and then booted because of drama that went on, that really dropped my motivation to be as activate. O well it is what it is moving on.

This forum has cost me a fortune. When i got my bike i thought it was perfect. Then i came on here and saw all this stuff and said hey wait those flush mounts do look way better, hey this seat does suck, hey that rear fender does really need to go. Next thing you know im out hundreds upon hundreds and you know what i have to say... Thanks!!!!

Kidding aside totally agree with JT and Buzz and wanted to echo their comments. I have actually gotten to meet about 10 guys and they were all cool, including JT. My bike is better, i am much more informed, and all thanks to this site and all you guys. More conversation, more posts the merrier.

lol no I have a pretty good idea of what I want I just need the cash and then getting some quotes and ill try to hit some DEMO rides before then

i was just going to post about the motorcycle show this year.