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  • Bert,

    I usually do most headlights at 260°F for about 13 minutes, that usually is right to get everything warm enough. Couple tips. The headlight is going to be hot. You are going to want some Mechanix gloves, or something similar to be able to handle it, so that you can open it quickly. You don't want to wait too long, because the sealant will start to harden. Be aware of all clips and screws BEFORE you put the headlight in the oven. You don't want to have to waste time heating everything up to find out that there is a screw holding the lens on. Also, when prying to get the lens off, be careful, the back housing is also going to be warm, you can tear, crack or warp it if you force it too much.
    I was surprised too with all diff parts for the seats.
    When I was given the dual seats in 2011 I spent about a week researching how to get them installed, then waited a month to get the parts shipped to me from US, as they were cheaper from US (including shipping) than in Aus?

    Maybe you could get someone to screen print a monster logo on your jacket too!?
    Go all out Monster-ised, just a suggestion.
    I have considered geting a Stormtrooper logo screen printed on my jacket to match the decals I want to do... maybe one day
    Yes I want to add a Monster logo the the rear passenger seat but unsure of outcome.

    anyhow I might get of early today and if not ill get to it this weekend. I printed your install directions. im suprised there was that much to change between the two seat but it makes sense considering the where sold for "dif models" lol thanks again Ill take pics when I get to it
    "Maggie Simpson's baby nemesis" lmfao that was hilarious glad you are enjoying cali.

    yea lived here all my life i rarely leave town
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