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This might be a stupid question, but is a new exhaust and the airbox mod absolutely required for the Viper RevB map? Also if I am using the speedoDRD will it interfere with the power commander? Also which power commander is compatible with the tune, can I use III, or do I need power commander V?

Edit: After testing, it doesn't appear to absolutely need an exhaust or the airbox mod, but it is possible that adding an exhaust with the airbox mod and timing advance mod would increase power past what Marthy's maps are capable of with stock configuration.
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Hey Guys,
My PVC isn't hooked up to my speed sensor, but I'm running K&N with Full TBR Exhaust. What Map would be best for me. Not TOO concerned about Mileage. Sport B? If so, can anyone send it?
I’m on my phone and don’t have them available rn but they’re still on the website. If nobody posts them before tomorrow morning, I’ll email em to ya. I have a touring, sport RevA and B. I’m running RevB on a PCFC with box mod and header with shorty pipe. Edit: you say not too concerned about mileage, same thing I said before I dropped teeth and changed exhaust. Now I’m whining about my 100-120 miles to a tank..


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Hey all,

I have a 2009 fz6r with a two brothers full exhaust, k&n air filter, and power commander V (no pink wire/speed hooked up)

can someone please email what marthy map I can use or the best map to us without the gearing set up?
looking for a more performance oriented map, and don't care too much about fuel economy.
email: [email protected]
[email protected]
preferably the [email protected]

anything that will work with a standard power commander V

thank you


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I have the PCFC maps but I’ll email them to you as soon as I get home to the laptop. I’m currently using SportRevA and love it.

Im new to this, but don't do I need a PCV map considering I have the power commander V ?
his website I found 2-3 but one says gear advanced which I presume I cant use as I don't that hooked up
I’m not 100% sure and I’d hate to steer you the wrong way. I believe the PCFC maps will work on the PCV but I’d wait for someone to chime in and give their opinion, as well.


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Howdy Y'all?!

New guy here. I have been devouring all the forum and youtube information from HCU and Ride the 6. I can't thank you guys especially, Marthy for all the hours of research, testing, revamping, etc, but the fact that he shared the knowledge with the rest of the community is just amazing. Kudos to you all. If any of you are ever in the Fort Worth TX area, I owe you a beer.
This is my first bike and I am loving it. I bought it in December last year and have been moding it and making it my own. That being said, I am just watching the info out there and using it to make informed decisions.

My Current Set up is:
2009 FZ6R 8489 miles, with about 3800 of those are mine. My total riding odometer lol.
Marthy Airbox Mod w K&N Filter
BlackWidow full exhaust w 200mm can
Power commander V
-1/+2 sprockets
Block Off Plates
various cosmetic mods.

I was looking at all the Fuel Maps available and did not find one that was specific to my bike, (I guess BlackWidow is not a common exhaust).
So I have been experimenting with various tunes from the PCV tunes to Marthy's and even Hindle. If there are more out there I have not found them.
I have gone so far as to mix and match some from parts I liked from two different tunes, an all gear version of Marthy lower Adv Gear map and Hindle from 8000k up.
I don't have any dyno numbers, it has all been butt dyno, but I think I have one I love best so far. And I have activated the Acc Pump feature.
I found a place near me that does do dyno tunes, and even ECU flashing, but damn that guy is proud of his work, $350 for a dyno tune and $400+ for an ECU flash.
So far my bike is fast enough for me, so it will probably be a while before I get a tune unless I can find a place cheaper. I will post before and after numbers once I get them.

Again I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for all the help and information you have shared.



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Hi, I am a New owner of 2013 FZ6R with 1900 Miles and have rode only 40 miles so far. It has Two bros exhaust with no PC and I believe stock filter. It has a lot of decel pop from 6K down to3K. Also, I do not feel the throttle response and sound is as smooth as is supposed to be. After reading through so many posts here, I believe PC will eliminate most of the pop but not all of it. I also believe it will help with smoother throttle response.
Marthy has done a great deal of hard work and very thankful for that. I would like to be able to use it...

A few questions.
1. I would like to know if PCFC would be sufficient or is PCV needed considering the extra $100 for PCV ?
2. Does Marthy's Maps dependent on the device PCFC vs PCV ?
3. Could Some one please email me All available Marthy's maps for Two Bros exhaust (For both PCV or PCFC and stock air/K&N etc).

Do i need block plates for the exhaust with Two bros exhaust along with PC ? If yes, could someone tell me if it is an beginner job ?

Thanks and Appreciate your help !


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believe it or not.... the old website is still up! grab them while you can

I found that and I grabbed all of the FZ6r maps and Ive emailed Marthy. He hasnt replied yet. I was hoping to get all the maps from the OP to look through but the website is dead. Im using the Sport and ADVgear maps but Im getting complete ASS mpg. I was hoping to see what the full touring map looked like. I know I can make a full touring map from the ADVgear map by copy pasting the (IIRC) 4-6 gear maps onto 1-3 and saving that. And I can make a sport map by copypasting 1-3 onto 4-6.

Also confused on how well the Viper maps work with the Delkovic exhaust. Unfortunately it looks like the FZ6r forum here is dead. :(