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Installed my exhaust over the weekend and I LOVE it! My bike finally sounds throaty at low RPMs, and the mid-range torque from the PCV map blew away my expectation. Thank you Marthy!

That said, I do have a noob question... now my exhaust pops a lot on sudden deceleration. I figure that means I need to either...

1. buy new header gaskets (or tighten a bit more to crush the old ones)
2. somehow seal the AIS block off plates that I installed, if they're leaking
3. disconnect an O2 sensor (I'm not aware of this being needed on the FZ6R though)
4. mess with the PCV map (either to lean it out when accelerating or fatten it when decelerating, IIRC)

Any thoughts on this, guys? I figure the Adv Gear Rev B map would be fine, so I'm hoping I don't have a leak! I know popping goes hand in hand with aftermarket exhausts, but I didn't expect this much with the block-off plates installed. I like the sound though, so I won't be too worried if I can't figure it out :)
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Do you have block off plates or block the hose on the LH side of thr airbox?

One member had some popping issues with the Sport RevA that I remember. We end up massaging the decal and it works out really good. Let me know. I have Advgear RevB2 ready lol

I have the square block off plates on the engine. I also removed the PAIR valve and made sure to cap the hose coming off the airbox.

I totally forgot that my first step should be to reload the stock map and see how it behaves since it's leaner. I'll do that in the next few days and report back. I'd love to get the RevB2 map though!

I have 2 adapter left, just need to order the slip-on.

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Hey Marthy, PM'd you awhile back. Do you have instructions for the diy kits so I can see if someone could help me out with it? May have to hit up MistahT for advice since he's familiar with your work and is within riding/driving distance from me!
When are you planning on doing the DIY kits. I want to know if I have enough time to save up. Been spending a lot and bills never stop coming lol.
Just received my exhaust kit from Marthy. Includes the Delkevic exhaust, custom adapter and clamps. Cannot wait to install this. I got a small back injury to get over before I can get on my back so this will be be happening next week.


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Cut, fitted and already welded. Will post back up tomorrow once it's back on the bike. Sick kit! Nice and easy.


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Are any still available?
I own a MIG welder (with flux core wire) but I'm not a welder... Only done a few things. I am a very careful DIYer who knows how to cautiously and carefully approach projects that are outside my expertise.
Would this be a good project, or should I spend a little more for the non-DIY one? (If you are back to doing them?)

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Hey Marthy,

I PM'd you but I'm assuming that you're out of DIY kits for now.

I've purchased an extra stock exhaust and I'm going to bring it to my local muffler shop to see what he can do with it.

Just one question for you (or anyone that has Marthy's kit):

What's the inlet diameter and length on your supplied muffler?

Thanks in advance for any help!