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Hi everyone,

I recently got a 2011 FZ6R as my first bike and it is phenomenal. I got it bone stock with 8000kms and it has been an awesome daily and weekend cruiser. The only issue when I got it was that the chain was filthy to the point where after I cleaned it off there was still some surface rust on some of the links, but the rings seemed well and intact. Since then the next things I have done were:

Motodynamic Integrated Taillight
Motodynamic Fender Eliminator
Motodynamic Flushmount turn signals
DZG LED headlight
Exhaust cut after headers, welded amazon GP pipe
Lowering front forks 1.75inches

So far after these modifications I just have a few more that I wish to do to change the appearance of the bike, and up a little more performance.

For starters, since the muffler delete, I lost a lot of torque, the amount of back pressure that stock muffler offered was significant, My gears seem to rev a little higher and I gained an extra 5-10kmh in my 1,2,3 gears as per rev-limiting but low end torque is gone. Now I went through a lot of the forum threads and pulled out that the Power commander V(Not the PCFC?) with the Marthy advgear RevB will regain all lost torque from any muffler modification along with gaining a little extra at the same time. I just would like to confirm that this would be the correct route, or would I be using a TwoBrothers tune. The purpose was to be heard on the roads as I been almost merged into maybe 1-3 times a day and now barely 2 times a week(Sounds great minus the torque loss in the bottom end).

Going further for performance I know the next best thing is to change the sprockets teeth, so far I've seen that the +1/-1 works by correcting the very optimistic speedometer, along with giving a little extra oomph in the lower gears. I do a lot of mixed riding, On the highway my commute is about 40km both ways, at around 110-135kmh.

Aside from those two, I have seen the other modifications to get a little more power out of the engine, but I'm not looking for much other than to regain what I lost and a tad extra, the bike I personally thing came great stock, the handling as well, being so top heavy it helps when I'm on the highway around trucks and heavy winds, vs my friends FZ-07 I felt a little more "blown away"

My final modification I want to do is just pure aesthetics, and that would be a wider tire. Now I have seen people putting 180s on the back and it looks sweet, but it being so pinched seems a little more concerning and really sounds like the handling is far more compromised. I've seen the horror stories as well not from our forum but from other forums too about fitting a wider tire onto a smaller rim. However, I have seen a few bikes with wider rims that perfectly fit the 180 on and in the swingarm. I called RoaringToyz and asked about their Pink FZ6R and their rim fit in with no modification but it was also forged and very pricey. There's someone with an xj6 who put an R6 rim on and said it was just spacers and bushing that was required. My question would be do all r6(5.5inch) rims exchange with the FZ6R as per the bolt up? As far as swing arm goes, it seems that they line up fine without any rub. I just want to know will it bolt up to the sprocket, rotor and swingarm.

Any and all help is appreciated, I have been using these forums for the modifications I have done, and also to educate me more about the bike and really appreciate the knowledge!

PS, this winter the bike will be wrapped, either a matte red or something different(Including the black fake air ducts)


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