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    PCV Maps

    *Replying to Ware122* My understanding from the previous owner is that it was all on an actual "03ish to 05ish" generation R6. It has a mounting tab on the top of it that I don't even use, and I've never verified whether or not it would line up with a mounting point on the R6.
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    Woodcraft clip on handlebar mod

    He means "old people" touring windscreen ;):p
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    1" up and back risers.

    I have a 1.5'' riser setup with a Woodcraft clip-on kit, and I can tell you that the cables are pretty much at their limit without being rerouted. With that being said, I don't see a problem presenting itself if you're only rising by 1''. Hope this helps!
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    Timing change....Do it!

    Tom, I completely understand where you're coming from. I've been on this bike for nearly 7 years and 65,000 miles now, and have even had the head completely torn down on the workbench for preventative maintenance in the past year, so I can appreciate your goals of longevity; I share those...
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    Timing change....Do it!

    Mine will actually be delivered today (early). Gonna order a new set of timing cover gaskets before I do the swap, though... nothing worse than a gasket coming apart upon disassembly and not having a new one ready just in case. On a separate note, how do you think fueling relates to this timing...
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    Timing change....Do it!

    Hey Tom, any updates on your installation? Mine may be here this week.
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    Your Helmet

    Shoei RF-1200
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    Timing change....Do it!

    Outstanding! Sure enough, there it is. Thanks man I’m gonna order one!
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    Timing change....Do it!

    Tom, Thanks for the detailed reply! That’s some pretty reassuring information. By chance, would you happen to have a link handy to that 4 degree rotor?
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    PCV Maps

    According to the previous owner, the combo was taken off an older gen R6.
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    Engine Guard/Frame Sliders Review and Install
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    My 09 is puking

    Go with the thermostat.. it's cheap and will mostly cost you the time it takes to swap it out. As for the code, there is a way to put the cluster into a diagnostic mode that will reveal what code it's throwing. Wouldn't surprise me if it was cooling system related. I don't recall exactly how to...
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    PCV Maps

    I've heard good things about both the Delkivic system as well as the Black Widow system. Both are half the cost of Two Bros and M4, but equal in quality from what I've seen. Also, bear in mind that my Yoshi is a slip-on installed onto an R6 header... not much in the way of a "system" or "kit" ;)
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    PCV Maps

    Fantastic... that's one set of features I don't have access to, since I run the PCFC. I'll be curious to hear how it works out for you!