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    Quieter helmet?

    Well I took my first decent length ride today and was going 80-85 mph most of the time (traffic was cruising) and when I stopped and took my helmet off after about an hour and a half, my ears were ringing for an extended period of time because the wind noise was crazy loud inside my helmet. Does...
  2. A

    Bike finally dropped :(

    So... I get a call from my wife while at work who got a call from a neighbor that my bike is laying on the ground. First time the bike has been dropped. Has anybody had their bike pushed over by the wind? It is pretty windy here today, but I wouldn't think it was windy enough to push over the...
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    Windscreens? I'm lost.

    I'm sure this is a repetitive post but I don't know how to search through threads from my phone. I've been on site after site looking for reviews, but they are mostly from people who have a different riding position to the 6r. I'm looking at a Puig vs Zero Gravity, maybe the double bubble...
  4. wind power

    wind power

    found a wind farm
  5. Almost Done

    Almost Done

  6. Almost Done

    Almost Done

    Finally powder coated my rims red to match my frame and also cut my stock windscreen and wrapped it with a carbon fiber wrap. Looks more aggressive in my eyes.
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    Bobski's windscreen comparisons

    I've found the most useful windscreen information has been from a rider who has personally tried several and can provide direct comparisons. I've now used the original screen, the Yamaha Double Bubble, and Puig Touring so here are my summary thoughts. Hope this is helpful for riders seeking...
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    new windscreen

    ‪Puig windscreen‬‏ - YouTube Got the new puig windscreen installed on the bike! Its the blacked out, puig double bubble screen. Got it from kevin here brand new. Love it, it actually took getting used to not compensating for the wind buffet. The air flow is so clean it is unreal...
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    Help: The wind beat me up!

    Mother nature kicked my @ss yesterday with a constant flurry of left/right to right/left haymakers! I'm fine taking on blows from the front or back but yesterday she was kinda p!ssy and decided to take it out on me (or at least that's how it felt)! Anybody got any tips for controlling the...