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  • Doing OK....back is doing good so started riding my road bicycle to get back into shape and doing lots of militia stuff. I'm on leadership staff so it takes a bit of time.
    How U been doin?
    Hey, sorry I just saw this message! My Ducati pics are on Flickr right now: Ducati 848 EVO Corse - a set on Flickr. I've put a good bit of carbon fiber on it since these were taken, but I'm overseas right now and can't take any. :(
    HeyJosh,, you are right I have not been on the Forum very much at all. I do not think that a bike will be on my future anytime soon my Camry which I had was recently replaced after 10 years of owership,,,the car was 20 years old after all. I would still love to have a smallish sport bike (ninja 250/300) and I was hoping that Yamaha would have something to offer us in North America this year but I guess not. Being that I do not have a bike or am not getting one soon,, I really do not have much to offer the forum members with advice on mods/videos or where to buy accessories cause I am out of the loup. I do peek in from time to time to see what is going on though. laurie
    Work is work, I guess. Ha ha. It seems you've been pretty busy with work lately. You're posting has cut waaaay back from where you used to be.
    Sorry buddy. I've been busy and only checking in on my Tapatalk, so I haven't been able to post any pics or vid lately. Some pics I took on my one and only ride in the past month + will be posted shortly. Vid will have to wait until I have time/motivation to edit it. :shrug:
    Well, my wife isn't as big a fan of those pants as I am. :-/
    But I'll run it by her. What size is Brooke's gear?
    Hey CC, just been tying up some loose ends with work lately. Plus I just realized since I formatted Win 7 I haven't setup FF to autoload the forums in a tab upon start!

    Your airport trip was awesome to see!
    How are all the changes in your life working out? New job, new place, new bike(s); that's a lot of change to absorb.
    yes once i get all the parts back on her and once everything is finally in the clear i took all my parts off the bike i didn't know how everything would pan out.... if you have seen my blog theres a picture of the decals for the bike in my blog i have some pics of the bike there just not the greatest.... i supposed i could post those up in an album until i get some pics of her in her prime XD
    lol... I was only kidding brother. You make amazing vid's. Just giving you a hard time ;)
    How's brooke like the bike?
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