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    Anybody from Fishers Indiana? Or Nearby?

    I still have my bike, but I probably still need a few months before I can do any major riding again.I ruptured my ear drum using ear buds last summer and that killed my balance, I was walking into walls for a couple of months lol. I'm slowly starting to feel better though so ive been starting...
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    I live half way in between Indianapolis and Cincinatti.There's a casino 25 miles out of Indianapolis, they had one of the biggest fireworks shows tonight that I've ever seen, I could see them from Indianapois.I had to ride looking at them for about 20 minutes in the interstate.They actually made...
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    Rip it on the dirt jt

    Congrats Jt.I don't blame you for doing this at all, with your family its alot more sensible then upgrading to a SS or something.Have fun
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    We are the last

    A 350 Yamaha was already smoking the cb750 back then at the Daytona 200.The engine was so nice Yamaha used it for 40 years ending with the Banshee in 2006.Yamaha even had to downtune it to use it in the atv and it sill broke Ozzy's neck lol.
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    for long distance rides

    I'll fill all of that up with one trip to Harbor Freight lol.
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    for long distance rides

    That's why I named my bike Pedro the lil mule "Pedro or the archaic Pêro is a masculine given name. It is a Portuguese, Galician and Spanish form of the name Peter,[1] which is derived, via Latin "petra", from the Greek word "η πετρα" meaning "stone, rock".[2] The name Peter itself is a...
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    for long distance rides

    If that was all 6r exhausts then I should probably hit the repp button to lol
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    for long distance rides

    Ha that's awesome! Don't tempt me tho, Ive already been thinking about bolting a wheel chock on my luggage rack to bring my Cr lol :zombie:
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    for long distance rides

    You can use a tailbag to make a backrest.Mine was to far back to lean against, so I filled a cheap nylon cooler with padding and zip tied it to the front of my tail bag.
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    happy Birthday Rabbitman109

    Happy birtday dude
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    One of my uncles is swamped at work and needs part time help.Its gonna be a pita for me to help him so he was more then happy advancing me a few weeks pay since I've worked for him in the past, I was about 2/3 there with that so I drained my account, etc.I've had that account open since 2001...
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    I mailed Yamaha a check with 4 digits before the . Lol I should be getting a title in the mail in a few weeks.
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    Fuel Cap Vent

    Alot of the aftermarket gas caps are vented they just don't look like it, Driven makes an expensive one and Roaring Toys makes one for half its price, just look closely and read the descriptions on ebay and you'll find some nice looking ones with vents.You'll lose your lock though.
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    Game of Thrones

    Yea I am, I was hoping they would stray away from the book a little to keep Oberyn around (The Viper).His fight scene was fun to watch lol, it was more like MA then two guys bashing armor.I've been trying to stay away from spoilers, but my sister was telling me that season 5 is being filmed in...
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    Leaving gear on a bike

    There's part of one under there lol.I rode about 250 miles that day with a group I never mett before so I had all kinds of stuff packed just in case someone needed water, tools, etc.