FZ6R Riders Show us your baby!!


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Just picked up this FZ6R from the North Island in NZ and rode it back to the South Island. Definitely bigger than my R3 but no less hard to handle! Love having enough power to pass people. On the R3 I would constantly be questioning whether it has enough juice to make the pass. Absolutely love the colour scheme with the white and red.


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2010 Fz6r
Lowered 1.5”
Woodcraft clipons with weighted bar ends
Exhaust modified (sounds better than my friends Fz6r full exhaust)
Shorty levers
Smoked windshield
Flush mount signals
Shorty mirrors
K&N air and oil filters
Tail tidy
Led integrated tail light with strobe flash
Some other stuff I can’t remember atm


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Hey guys, it's been for some time and finally I've joined in.

2014 Yamaha XJ6 Diversion half fairing

Mods list
Frame Sliders

DIY Tail Tidy with LED blinkers

Lowered Front

Kawasaki zx9r mirrors

NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

K&N Air Filter

2005 Yamaha R1 Rearsets

DID X-Ring Chain and Sprocket set
Stock configuration

Stock Headers attached with Genuine SC Project CRT Carbon Titanium Muffler with Fixed Titanium Link Pipe. (Used unit from Asian Talent Cup Honda Race Bike)

custom fitting attachment required to fit the SC Project link pipe to the stock headers which is 51mm in diameter.

Bridgestone s21 Front (pending replacement as it's still safe to use)

Bridgestone s22 Rear (new as I used up the s21 beyond the safety marker)

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PURCHASED IN 2010 FZ6R TEAM POWERSPORTS RALIEGH, NC 41,500 MILES AS OF TODAY! OWNED FOR 10 YEARS....Stock exhaust but as loud as a slip on--QUICK EXHAUST MOD--Use 12-14" crowbar or screwdriver and stick into exhaust opening and hammer away at muffler baffle. Fifteen minutes of hammering will save you hundreds in after market exhaust parts AND no power commander needed!1 Bike sounds
deep and throaty and exhaust growls like a bear once it's warmed up around 171 degrees. It's worth a try and if you want more noise than install a $900 full exhaust only option on these bikes.



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Howdy Y'all? Thanks for the invite. I am a new rider, picked this gem up in December, been having a blast riding and moding her.V_20200726_210132_ES0_Moment.jpg