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  • hi Admin. wanted to report an issue!? Since yesterday, I realized since yesterday when every time I tried to enter a group of thread (for example, FZ6R mods, or FZ6R How To's, ), it will take up to 3 mins to load, which usually takes 5 second. Tried to browse on my iPad, iPhone, and my PC. All got the same result.
    hey dennis! do you know if we can still get ahold of some of the tee shirts? or any other fz6r stuff? some of the guys here including me would love some "swag"!
    Hey I just had a question. Is there something special i have to do to be able to start a new thread on the forum
    Happy Birthday Dennis! Not that you'll be spending your day checking out the site and all... but have a great day!
    Mr. Dennis... (well, I don't personally know you, I'm just "Don")

    Very cool site! Thanks for the time you put into it! It's usually a thankless job running something like this, so THANK YOU! Glad the site is finally supporting itself, if there is anything else you need, just ask!
    Hey, dude! My donation level is still wrong! It is saying I'm rich and I like donating alot of money.........I only donated $40.00USD so far!
    you should have the award... must be a glitch.. I will check it out...

    and thank you for the donation and supporting the site

    I wanted to ask a question regarding a donation. I made a donation in the amount of $20.00 via paypal a few days back. I have not noticed the "gold bar" on my profile or any "awards" on my profile? Will I eventually see this? Was the donation not enough to receive an "award" or a "gold bar"? Will you let me know how it works?

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