3.33 Gear Ratio (-1/+4)

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For my fellow track day junkies:

As I slowly transition my Fizzer more and more toward track bike status, I am toying with the idea of a stout gearing change.
So far in my experience, the bike's weakest link (aside from its standard peg configuration) is the exit from hairpin turns where I'm accelerating from between 20 and 25ish mph.
I've experimented with dropping to 1st, but it's just too unusable in that niche of acceleration where I'm needing to quickly stand the bike up only to lay it back over for another turn entry.
Ideally, I'd like to wring her neck in 2nd gear and not have to wait on the bike to catch up to my throttle hand.
There are kits readily available in the popular -1/+1 configuration, but after discussing the math with a savvy track day buddy, it would seem that a -1/+4 would be the most advantageous for this bike in track layouts where you don't need to worry about top end speed.

For example, absolutely pushing the bike on a recent track day produced a top speed of 110mph on a back straight before needing to ease up and set up for the next turn entry.

Anyone out there have any technical thoughts on the 15/50 combo? Mathematically it should equate to an 8100 rpm interstate cruise at 80mph.


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Hey thanks for the reply Marthy. Check out this "Quick Acceleration" kit featuring a 15/47 setup:

That's a fantastic price at $125. I messaged those guys about the 15/50 setup and they basically said good luck keeping the front end down on the track.
Perhaps I should heed that warning... the 15/50 is popular on the R6, but we don't exactly have the same power band issues.

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For anyone interested in the ultimate outcome of this experiment, I'll continue updating this thread over the long-term.
I've opted for the compromise of a -1/+3 setup from Vortex; that's 15/49.
I'll report back on results from the track.