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  • Thanks Lytehouse!
    Here why I'm here: My fiancee currently has a Suzuki GS500F (well its time for that thing to go Bye Bye! Were lookin at an '09 fz6r for her new bike. Figured i could gain some knowledge here!!
    No problem, you had the best backdrop by far.
    Yeah, I entered once, but because it wasn't against a nice back drop everyone voted for the bikes with better back drops. Kind of turned me off to even entering again. I don't usually take pics of my bike unless I am doing a new mod and I don't live somewhere where a photographer snaps pics (Mulholland, Dragon, etc.). If opportunity presents itself this season I will surely try to get a nice pic. I ride alone so unless I take the pic I don't have any. LOL!
    Wha???? No msg's?
    Well Hello and Happy **almost** New Year!
    PS - didn't know you were taking care of the "r" cats too!
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