Slipper clutches on the FZ6R?

Ok thanks! Im going to hold off on the slipper clutch. I figure I can swap clutch plates 10 times for the cost of one slipper clutch. My clutch plates should last pretty good even with my horrendous downshifts lol.

Not sure why I cant get it right on this bike, this is my 6th motorcycle and I never had an issue before. I think maybe the judder spring in this clutch means you have to pull the lever to the bar to fully disengage the clutch for a clean downshift but that takes too long. I’m use to just a quick flick of the clutch with 2 fingers.

In my research, I believe the R7 slipper clutch will fit in our bikes (same clutch hub) as a cheaper option but not sure about spring pressure. It only uses 3 clutch springs but the bikes are comparable on torque and hp….