Maps for fz6r


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I know there's a ton of threads about this but a lot are super old. My 11 fz6r has the cut off cat welded two brothers can and has no baffle. I have the pcfc and bought it like this. Usually I stay away from stuff other people do but I got it pretty cheap. It runs okay with the 2 brothers map but has times where it pops a little. I know there's some maps that would make it better or even if someone else had the pcfc and messed with the low mid and high range to make it a little smoother and could tell me what you did that be awesome
I can send you Marthy maps and the hindle map to try if you want. The bike will most always pop a little on decel just with a bigger (stock) muffler you wont gear it as easily. My bike has block off plates and a Hindle exhaust and crackles a bit on decel. Sounds good though, not enough to be annoying.
Thanks bud. Marthy did send me those maps. One of them sounds great but I get a low toned pop on decel a few seconds after throttle release. The other map doesn't sound as aggressive but doesn't have the popping nearly as bad. It actually sounds good. I'd like to be able to use the other map but I have no idea what the guy did who had the bike before me. Need to check blockoff plates. All I know is I put a stock high flow filter in it and it has the two bros can welded to the stock exhaust cut at the cat. Did do a really good job on that
I get the same pop on decel even with block off plates. It happens with these “louder” exhausts. I’m sure it can get tuned out on a dyno by adding a bit of fuel in the right spots but I wouldnt worry about it unless its actually backfiring lol. A bit of popping is normal.

Fyi, you can achieve the same effect as block off plates for essentially free with a marble. Just remove the AIS hose off the front of the airbox and stick a marble in there. I have block offs but only because I had my bike stripped right down over the winter and had to do sparkplugs. Before that I just used the marble. Google “sportbike marble mod” its common and will save you a few bucks.🙂