Need Help New rider from 155 cc to 600cc


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I am a woman late 40s. I am coming from overseas, coming with 3 years experience defensive driving from riding in South East Asia. I bought 155c here and it was stolen..SMax ..but only reached 85-90 mph at 9,000 rpm freeway riding often, a lot! Not good.

So in my whim to buy a better bike.....I bought this FZ6R. I'm a bit stuck....learning the clutch....but my right turns suck! Working on the Apex execution of right turns from a complete stop.....I'm use to 328lbs curb weight....this bike is about 120lbs I dropped it a few times.....tip foot pegs and clutch are having to be replaced.

I have sliders.....but are there rails or crash bars that protect my FZ6R from those parts? It is getting expensive. Need links to buy rails or crash bars.

Glad to be in this forum.

Thank You.


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Hello, I don't think there is much more than those shogun type frame sliders. Take it easy, get used to the bike and good luck!


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To get better at riding take a MSF safety course. It's always good to get professional help and it would only take a weekend of your time