FZ6 throttle body & cams


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Hey guys

So I'm gonna be taking my Fizzer to the dyno soon, but have been looking round on here and have been intruiged on the whole FZ6 parts swap.

I'd like to know if there's a specific model year of FZ6 cams & throttle body I should look at getting? Also is the throttle body plug n play with our air box, or will I have to do a little tinkering before I can mate them togethther?
Will I need any gaskets for the throttle body to mate to the engine?
I've also been thinking if it'd be worth fabricating a cold air intake sorta thing, and blocking off the main intake that's right above the rocker cover.

So far the only mods I've done is boaring out the opening of the air box, block off plates, full black widow exhaust & the 4degree timing advance. (also, is the timing advance compatable with the cam swap?)

Any & all info & opinions will be highly appreciated.


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Any year FZ6 cams will work and I'm sure the throttle body assembly fit right in. No gasket needed. Airbox mod is fine... not going have any gain on trying to "ram air" the engine. Timing advance is good too.
Thanks bud, I'll keep my eye on Ebay.


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Do the Fz6 cams drop right in or do they need to be machined and degreed etc.?

I know I saw here somewhere that you had them machined but not sure if those were modified Fz6r cams or Fz6?


The FZ6 has a chunkier timing chain and gears so to fit the cams you need to use the FZ6R cam gears because the gear on the crank is different to . The FZ6R cam gears need to be machined to fit on the FZ6 cams and the holes need to be slotted so the timing can be set to 102/105 . The gears are hardened so not really a DIY job .