2014 FZ6R Exhaust Question


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Hey everyone! New rider here🤘 just picked up a 2014 FZ6R and am not a fan of the stock exhaust, to quit! I am leaning towards a Delkevic Full 4-1 Exhaust so I don't have to do any welding plus I like it Loud 😁

I have been reading some other forums on here and realizing I need to get more things for this to work? Power Commander, PC Maps?

Anyone willing to tell me everything I need to make sure it runs clean and sounds the best?

Thanks in advance!
Hello. I want to modify my exhaust too, but I read that, If You have lambda sensor, You don`t need to modify ecu maps, but I really dont know. Maybe, someone could share his experience?
I have a 2012 FZ6R and I got a good deal on a used Delkevic system. It's the full system w/ the 8" round stainless muffler. Besides that, I have done no other performance mods (yet lol). I run it with the baffle and it does just fine. It does pop a little on decel, but the Delkevic website does say on their website that the bike should not require any retuning.