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  • Have not purchased the ones for the scoop yet but I got a ton of RED accent led
    I feel ya. yea I order LED waitng for them to show up. gona trick it out and do your hood scoops and maybe more later on
    Hey man thanks for the comment and Im a CS2. I got 1 more year to take the E-6 exam or sooner if i get an EP. Thats awesome that ur cousin went LDO, its good to have officers who understand the life as enlisted. Their not big douche bags who look out only for themselves and treat us like crap.
    I bought them through Amazon at Powersports Superstore. I think they were about $110 for the Shogun No-Cut sliders. The sliders use engine mounts. So you can only do one side at a time since they are meant to support the engine. Very easy to install. You only have to remove the fairings. I'll try to get an up close picture sometime.
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