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    Front Brake Lines - Length

    So the original lines are 33" and 23.5"? I dont have risers. Just stock handlebars. I'm looking for steel lines to fit. Is that the sizes I'll be needing then? Thanks in advance.
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    Marthy Tribute Exhaust.... Oh yeah!

    Hey Marthy, I just wanted to take a second and thank you for making these fuel maps you made. I am using your rev-b map and it's the best one I've found for my bike. So thank you!
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    2009 Fz6r
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    Tire hugger

    I want to know before I order one for sure if it fits. I think the swing arms are the same but then I think mabe not because the FZ6 may have a wider one because it runs a 180 rear stock ours runs a 160 stock. If anyone has done this mod to a FZ6R let me know.
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    Fork Oil questions?!

    Dave Moss (Dave Moss Tuning) suggested 120mm and 20wt. Aslo he suggested 3 clicks over stock in the rear (which would be position 6 for our bike) for my 200lb ass.
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    Any thoughts on a bigger rear tire

    Alot better. Have to lean more yes with 170
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    Any thoughts on a bigger rear tire

    I had 160,170, and 180 rear. 170/60/17 is the best imo. 180 is not a safe option with our rim size. It was on my bike when I bought it. Looked weird and deformed.
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    Fork Oil questions?!

    So 4.53" was right then.
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    Fork Oil questions?!

    Sweet. Thank you so much!
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    Fork Oil questions?!

    My forks never leaked and still dont, so mabe I'll check the stock height before I dump it and just do it that way and use 15wt. If you come across any more info let me know. Thanks for the response. By the way, your fuel maps work great. Thank you.
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    Fork Oil questions?!

    Thank you! 4.53" is the only other measurement I found someone mention. I have to see what that converts to in mm. 5.82" is what your measurement equals in inches. I keep hearing different measurements. Never 2 the same. I cant find anyone with a service manual for our bikes, or a download...
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    Fork Oil questions?!

    Where did you get the oil capacity from? Is that what the service manual says? I cant find any info on capacity for the fork oil on the fz6r.
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    How many miles on your bike?

    31,000 miles. No issues. Owned since new
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    Best fork oil weight?

    Hello, I got 27,500 miles on my fz6r and I am wondering what would be a good fork oil weight for a 200 pound rider? I dont wheelie, I ride pretty fast and get low in corners. I got the 170/60/17 rear tire and suspension is stock. Front end lowered 1.25"