Best fork oil weight?


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Hello, I got 27,500 miles on my fz6r and I am wondering what would be a good fork oil weight for a 200 pound rider? I dont wheelie, I ride pretty fast and get low in corners. I got the 170/60/17 rear tire and suspension is stock. Front end lowered 1.25"


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The fork oil will matter much less than the springs you put in because you're like me, just a bit heavier than the 160 lbs weight rider that the suspension was designed for.

Step 1: go over to race tech and put in the details. ->
Step 2: Select " Calculate the spring rates " button (image below)

Step 3: buy the recommended fork oil & springs.

I'm sporting 205lbs on my 2009. Here's what I have the on my bike.
Front spring: RT FK SPR 34.7x340 .95kg
Rear spring: SK SPRING 7.0 x 2.25" 19.6kg
Oil: USF-05 (5 weight)

I'm in the process of adding in the Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators during this weeks maintenance but who knows how painful/fun that will be.

If you have the tools you can do the forks yourself pretty easily. The rear spring was a bit of a pest, i just took off the shock and brought it to my local shop and for 35$ they put the spring and did the oil change work for me.

- Joey