[WTB] OEM rear mudguard/license plate holder


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My current 2015 fz6r came with a tail tidy but the license plate hits the rear wheel when I have a passenger on. So I'm looking for the OEM license plate holder which doubles as the rear mudguard. I'm located in Los Angeles, let me know if you guys have one laying around.
So it looks like I don't have the fasteners or the side reflectors. I live in southeastern Pennsylvania, so shipping what I do have to the west coast is probably in the $45 to $50 range. You would probably tie up another $30 to $40 getting the hardware to mount it. Let me know if you are interested.
adjust your rear shock preload if you have a passenger riding with you ,the plate wont hit the wheel anymore and if its sagging that much you should've adjusted the preload regardless of the plate hitting the wheel or not

this is the standard size?

If by "standard size" you mean is that what originally came with the bike, yes, that was a pic of the OEM rear fender.

Sorry, can't help on whether or not an extended one is available. I did a quick search and wasn't seeing anything.