Question Timing Rotor Specifications


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Hello! My name is Ben T, and I am the powertrain design lead for my school’s formula student team. For cost and availability reasons, we chose the 2012 FZ6R motor to run. Now that I’m gearing up the car for its first run, I’ve run into a snag. I need the information regarding the timing rotor specs in order to get the timing right on our tuning software. Can anyone help me out with the info? Please see the attached image for what I need. This motor is stock (and doesn’t have the aftermarket timing wheel). I mainly need the trigger wheel arrangement (single with missing teeth, dual wheel, or Dual Wheel with missing teeth), the number of trigger wheel teeth, the number of missing teeth, and the tooth #1 angle. The values already in there are from another tune for a Kawi ZX6R. If you need any other information or pictures from me, then please let me know! Thank you!IMG_3242.jpeg