Running on 3/4 cylinders


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Just picked up an 09 fz6r, only 1989 miles, it's been sitting for a little over a year they said. I replaced the exhaust, replaced the air filter, replaced the battery.
Now when I start the bike it idles extremly low, and only runs on 3/4 cylinders, If i rev it up, it dies when coming down in the revs, if i start riding and get on it hard, the fourth cylinder will kick in around 5k rpm and then shut off again on decel. I already ordered a power commander because the bike feels like its leaning out on idle, and I bought new spark plugs as well. But until those get here does anyone else have an idea of what may be wrong?


I wonder it the fuel system my be gummed up a bit after sitting that long. Perhaps run an injector cleaner through a tank of gas or two. Hard to say just what the problem really is. Hope you can solve it, let us know if you get it sorted.
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It sounds like a vacuum leak to me. You may have a disconnected vacuum line.