Oem Yamaha Centerstand?


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Does anyone know if the Fz6 centerstand fits our Fz6r? I have seen on here that people order the oem centerstand from the Yamaha dealer in canada but I checked in the parts fiche for all years of the Fz6r and there is no centerstand to be found. They also do not have a parts list for the Xj-6 either however the Fz6 shows a center stand.
If the Fz6 center stand works I’ll buy the cheapest used one I can find on ebay since I only need it to swap my rear shock. Otherwise I’ll just use my rear stand….

Or, if anyone has a centerstand for sale I’d be glad to buy it at a fair price!!!!😊. The only Sw-Motech stands I can find ship from Germany and take 6 weeks.😒
According to someone on reddit the fz6 fits but doesnt close all the way with the stock exhaust. As long as it bolts on and will hold the bike up Im good. Got one for $25 on eBay to try.

Fz6 centerstand fits perfectly.😀. It fits but you could not mount it on the bike I dont think and use it everyday. The crossbar hits the exhaust abd the rubber stopper doesn’t “stop” on anything. But for my purpose it’s the ticket!

Just pop the bike on the rear stand, bolt the centerstand on and take the rear stand away. This frees up the back wheel/swingarm so you can safely remove the rear shock or swingarm for maintenance. For $25 on ebay I’ll just chuck this thing on the shelf until I need it.IMG_1988.jpeg