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Hey guys, new to the forum. Just wanted to let people know to be careful when clicking links in text boxes when using your phone. Last night when i was reading through a thread and i clicked a link in someones post which i thought was a picture of a derestriction plate. The page failed to load and had an error msg with a hyperlink to Go Back. Clicked go back and instantly recieved a txt msg saying i had subscribed to GOMOBIO and would be charged $6.99 per month. I have contacted Telstra and they say that because i clicked the link i subscribed. Fkin insane. I clicked go back. So angry. Anyway. Hi everyone and be careful out there in the big bad interwebs.
Cheers Paul.


I've never used my mobile to view the forum so haven't experienced this. There should be a way to turn off hyperlinks in your phone i'd guess. Thanks for the warning.