For the love of god. I need suspension upgrades!


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Love the Fz6r but the suspension is absolute trash lol. I’m not seeing a lot of options for shocks or fork upgrades besides maybe Yss shock and some racetech emulators for the forks.

Anyone using the emulators and how do they work. I put an Ohlins fork cartridge kit and fully adjustable shock on my other bike and it is sublime being able to fully adjust compression, rebound and preload on the fly. I know it will help to get the forks and shock sprung right and change the oil but I’m looking for more adjustability hopefully without breaking the bank…. Maybe ordering something for overseas made for the Xj-6?
Anyone have ideas?
The stock suspension was trash for me too, but then I weigh 190 lbs without gear, and I think I read somewhere that the suspension was designed for a much lighter rider.

Anyway, I sent my forks to Traxxion Dynamics and they rebuilt them with a Traxxion Dynamics fork spring kit and a Race Tech Gold Valve Cartridge Fork Emulator Kit. Traxxion also deals a lot with Penske and their motorcycle shocks, so I bought a Penske 8900E shock through Traxxion. They set up the forks and shock for my weight and riding style, and I didn't have to change a thing after I installed it all. The setup is an AMAZING improvement.
Thanks! Traxxion has a rear shock that works for our bike? I had them rebuild and revalve a gsxr600 shock for my ninja 300 and it works unbelievable good. I had thought of messaging them and asking if they would build me a shock to fit the fz6r but if they can get me a Penske all the better!
The gold valve kit I can install here at home no trouble.

Any idea what the Penske might set me back? I’m guessing they don’t give em away😂

I’m right around 170-175 with no gear and according to racetech, the stock fork spring rate is what I need so that should save me a few bucks.
Traxxion doesn’t list anything for the Fz6r that I could find. I did find the Penske 8900e on their site though. Did you have to send your stock shock in so they could replicate the length and clevis’s? I’ll give them a shout tomorrow…
Is our Fz6r the same as the ‘09 Xj-6 Diversion? I found a Nitron shock in the UK for under $600 and Brooks will build it tailored to your weight and riding style etc. I’ve ordered from them in the past (a YSS shock for my dirtbike) and they were great. The shock actually got to my house from the UK in 4 days lol. Not sure how they do it but Carpimoto is the same way from Italy. 3 days from Italy to your door in the USA🤯IMG_1957.jpg
I did my suspension work two years ago. At that time, the Penske shock from Traxxion cost me $655, and I paid another $110 for a custom spring. I did not have to send the OEM shock to them. When they order from Penske, it is made to fit the FZ6R. Sorry, but I don't know what the differences are between our bike and the XJ-6 Diversion.
Now the Penske shocks are $850 and take a month to get according to Traxxion. $850 and I’ll have to buy the correct spring for my weight lol? I think I’ll go with something else, if I have to I’ll get a Yss for less than $400. Not as good as Penske or Ohlins but much better than stock. The oem suspension is beating me to death😞

I wish there were adjustable shocks from other bikes that would fit the fz6r….
Awesome thanks. I looked at some photos of the diversion and it looks like the same bike. I think its just the faired version of the xj6?
Like I was saying about Carpimoto. If you need bits for your bike and plan to order them online, if Carpimoto has the stuff in stock its probably a lot cheaper.
Got 3 sets of HH Sbs brake pads for under $80 shipped to my door. I ordered them Sunday and they arrived today so it doesnt take any longer than Revzilla lol.

Buy brake pads from the US and they are more than $40 a set each…. They also have Brembo pads for our bike but the word is that the Sbs sintered work just as well as Brembo’s sintered pads and are quieter….

If you want to buy a Brembo Rcs master cylinder in the US its over $300 and you still have to buy the $70 reservoir kit separate. Or, you can buy the Brembo master from Carpimoto for $240 and it comes with the reservoir kit. Anyway enough fanboying but seriously check them out I think its a hidden gem many people dont know about here in the states. I know I would have saved a lot of loot had I known about them sooner…