For sale : wrecked 2015


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anyone in the mid west need a parts bike for 500$? even have a shiny title to go with it, assuming its not been lost in the move.

had about 6k miles when i went down. its been sitting for 3 years in November. located in KY.

for anyone curious about the wreck.
I was taking a long sweeping ramp that went over a highway and came down to merge on to that highway.
went in to the corner way too early, also came off the light to that ramp quickly and was probably doing 75 at the turn. Leaned in and knew immediately i was going wide and leaned more. started scraping, at that point i dont really recall if i panicked and leaned more and there was no tire left or i slid out due to debris on the road. The cop said the ramp was pretty dirty. but more than likely i ran out of tire, while not actually leaning myself well enough.
mid corner though i knew i was going wide, and going wide meant (best case) i hit the median and manage to maybe slide along it and slow down enough to gracefully wreck.
worst case being hitting the median and not being able to hold on to the bike, going over and falling 20 feet on to the highway...

in the moment i recall being fairly calm and processing all the info as it was happening but not knowing how to, or even if i was even able to fix it.
also remember being fine afterword's, a dude stopped and let me lay down in his truck, ambulance got there and i casually called my boss from the stretcher telling him i wasn't going to make it in that day.

then about halfway to the hospital the adrenaline started to wear off, at that point i knew it was going to be a bad day.

TL:DR - buy my parts bike. and overconfidence is a b.

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