Exhaust Cam Seating Problem

For any of you mechanically technical folks:

Performed valve adjustment and replaced 58,000 mile timing chain and cam sprockets.
Timing chain tensioner was already removed.
The crankshaft accidentally turned over about 90 degrees while applying the force needed to break loose the rotor wheel bolt.
Only the crank turned, not the cams (tensioner was out so the timing chain spun freely).
I didn't want to turn the crankshaft backwards, so I spun it over the rest of the two required revolutions to bring timing back to TDC, timing marks aligned.

Now when seating the exhaust cam to put her back together, it won't seat with the "E" aligned with the cylinder head.
You'll see in the pics below that the lobes are indeed facing out correctly on Cylinder 1, so what could be the problem?

Are some of the valve lifters stuck "up" since the crank rotated without the cams?
If so, how do I get them to seat so that "E" is properly aligned with the cylinder head??



Just a quick follow up as I continue my research into this:

I'm learning from R6 forums that this is normal, that installing the cam caps will draw the "E" timing mark down to in-line with the cylinder head as the valve springs are compressed by the actual "drawing down" of the caps. This actually makes great sense as I read about other guys with the same exact concerns.

Just some extra .02 cents, folks.

** It's called "Valve Overlap" **
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