Need Help Code 19 on starting


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Help me keep my 100,100 mile 2012 FZ6r alive

Issue: When starter is pressed it will throw code 19 (Kickstand safety switch). Starter still spins but engine does not start.

I got this issue with the original sensor and decided to just bypass the sensor and spliced the wires together. I am still getting the same code with this splice bypass.

I get this code in 1 of 3 scenarios:
I will get it as soon as the dash finishes the boot sequence before I press the starter
It will show the second the starter is pressed
It will show after I have tried to start and it did not start and I let go of the starter button and then it appears.

Note: When it is warm (50f+) and I do not get this code the motorcycle starts first press everytime. (thank lithium batteries!)

Generally if I get the code I can turn the key off and back on and the code is gone.
I have never gotten this code while the engine is running which I find interesting.
If I stall the engine it will flash this code and I will have to turn the key off and back on to start it.
It does not happen as frequently when it is warm. Its very frequent the colder it is.
If I unplug the splice I can start the engine without getting this code. I can then plug the splice in and put it in gear.
It does not happen on bump starts.

The extra voltage on the lithium battery (14.xv) is too much for the starter relay as Ive had to replace the relay multiple times now. The relay does not deliver enough voltage for the kickstand sensor check and it fails starting thinking the low voltage is from the kickstand sensor.
Potentially bad wiring in the wiring harness
Potentially bad ECU (pls no)
Potentially bad splice (not high on my list)

I had the same issue. It was a wire partially worn thru underneath the battery. Replaced that part of the wiring harness- problem solved. Was very frustrating as bike only had 1600 miles on it. Good luck- look at the wiring.