Bicycle wreck has me a lot more cautious on my FZ6R


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So my wife and I ride bikes around a lake near our house. One day I went alone and wanted to see how fast I could take a certain corner. I think if you look hard you can see where the knobby let loose and started the series of unfortunate events.. I slid a good ways till I high-sided over the bike. I did a shoulder role, popped up and immediately made sure no one saw me lol. I got on the bike and finished my ride, but my shoulder hurt for almost a month afterwards.

Falling sure hurts a LOT more than I remember as a kid. Maybe because I weigh a 220 lbs vs 120 lbs. I am a relatively new motorcycle rider, getting my first bike in December 2019. I can tell you this accident has made me much more careful on my FZ6R.

Stay safe all.


Remember that on your motorcycle you have better tires that have better grip.

Knobby tires on concrete is not gonna work out at high speeds.

Build your confidence back up.

I had a semi head on collision on a brand new R6 back in 2009....took a 15 mph turn at 25 went over yellow line. Bike wrecked.

I rear-ended a car at about 25 mph on my Harley. Crash bars took the damage. I fixed the bike.

I'm still riding the hell out of my FZ6R and my Harley.

Not going to mention other injuries/incidents.

Stay safe.


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Yep, I am riding again, It was just a reminder how much gravity has an effect on 215 lbs coming to a quick stop lol. Made me a little more aware of how complacency can hurt.
Glad you are good from your accidents.