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    Any thoughts on a bigger rear tire

    power and handling is not an issue, just really like the looks, did somebody say that the yamaha fz6r race bike had a 180 on it. i wonder if they had to mount a wider r6 rim to be able to fit a 180 tire???
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    Any thoughts on a bigger rear tire

    Im wanting to go with a 180 rear tire, any thoughts on on whether this will fit on the stock wheel or will there have to be some modding done to fit a r6 rim onto the bike. Just wanted to see everybodys thoughts. Thanks!!!
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    Ever had someone...

    Im the sales manager for a Yamaha dealership and you would not beleive what people do!!!! We have our used bikes sitting outside and about once a month someone who has no business being on a bike will let one fall over onto another one. Or just start one up and rev it to the redline!!!! Very...
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    Fender Eliminators

    id like one too please!!! with aftermarket blinkers (LED)