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waiting out winter
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I know we had 1 or 2 of these threads but I cannot seem to find it either..

youtube = jspansel
My link is in my sig too...

in a year and two or three sig changes....and its deleted from it....we still wont have your link?

[my info here]
Just moved up from a fz6r from a CBR250, man I love this fz6r.

No videos of the new bike yet, but here's my youtube channel:


Hey Motordadcle.

Just wanted to let you know your vids are great and obviously underrated. It's nice to find a Vlogger in the area that's actually worth watching, an you're on an FZ6R which is a bonus.

One question, i noticed your handle bars are in the "down position". Wondering if i should make the adjustment, how do you like it?
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