Where is everyone?


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I don't mean where do you live, I mean where is all the traffic?
Are there really that few FZ6R riders?
I just bought this bike, and I'm quite surprised to find that there doesn't seem to be an active community for it.
This is the internet, there's a community for everything. :rolleyes::p
Does everyone hang out in a back room somewhere, and you have to be one of the cool kids to get an invite or something?


It's the off-season. Give it a month or so and traffic should pick on here once people get their bikes back on the road after winter.


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Oh, gotcha. I didn't think about that.
I assumed everyone would be working on and talking about their bikes throughout the winter. I know we always did in the other forums.
I'm glad to hear the FZ6Rs haven't been abandoned completely. :)