What pcv or tuner should I buy to run Martha’s tune


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I’m new so take it easy on me lol!
someone tell me what ts means and pcv lol also what program tuner should i run to get Marthys maps
I def want the sport and the one map where it shoots flames. Need help need wisdom need guidance I will forever be grateful thank yall
Pcv is the power commander5. It is the fuel tuner you need for Marthys maps. You can search around the forum for his different maps. They should be here somewhere.

pcv has been discontinued but a few sites look to have it in stock soon https://store.58cycle.com/product-p/pcv fz6r 09.htm. Not sure if his maps will work with the newer 6 version.

As far as flames…. That’s just unburnt fuel being ignited in the exhaust. Usually people install “block off plates” on the on the air injection to eliminate the popping on deceleration. It’s not shooting flames tho like a 2step for a car. Not sure how great that is either.