Vortex clip ons


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What’s up Fz6r fam? I just joined the Fz6r because I became one of them old guys and wanted something more comfortable to commute. at first I thought I liked the ridding position but after some time in the strait up position i started to hate it. I get tossed around pretty good any time there’s a slight breeze. Freeways aren't much fun either I’m tall and skinny 6 1’ 160 I’ve always had supersport bikes and still have a r6s that will be for Saturdays at the track, well maybe one Saturday every four months when I send kids to....anywhere that will take them. I need to get the fz6r to a point where I can comfortably get into somewhat of a tuck without my elbows behind me. Has anyone tried the vortex clip ons or is woodcraft my best option? I know clip ons are a hot topic with these bikes and I’m not intentionally beating a dead horse I just don't want to do this a few times until I find what I’m looking for. I’m ok with lowering the front suspension I’ll probably prefer it that way.