Various parts questions


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Hello all, I am new to owning a FZ6R and got one used. That being said, I need to find the ?grommet? for the ignition that goes in the upper triple tree clamp or do I need the whole clamp? I also do not know the specs for the handlebar and need one of those as well as mine is bent where the throttle is and is extremely uncomfortable on the wrist. Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.


For parts information, one of the best sources are the Yamaha parts lists and exploded diagrams that most of the major parts deals have online. You can look at parts / assemblies, and figure out the parts, part numbers, and search on line for them at the lowest prices. Search for genuine Yamaha parts, and most sites will have you enter the year, model of your bike and have the sub-assemblies broken out such as steering, wheels, etc. Best of luck with your new (to you) bike.


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Has anyone ever replaced a timing/cam chain before. If so, what gaskets are needed to perform this procedure. Thx in advance


Rocker cover has to come off , need to move the throttle bodies aside to do that , plus the right side engine cover.