Need Help Temperature problems

So recently I’ve had this issue hasn’t been going on for long maybe a week or so but hopefully someone can help me out. I talked to a couple people on Facebook just looking for ideas though.

So my bike will usually run somewhere in the 190’s while riding but now even riding at a constant 65 (Cruising) it’s running at 205-207 constantly. I had an exhaust leak and I fixed that but the problem persists. The coolant and the thermostat were changed not even 600 miles ago along with the oil and filter. The fan is kicking on at 212 and dropping the temp down but never below 205 and then it’s just moves right back up.
I went through the service manual and checked the temp sensor as per the instructions and the resistance is almost double what it should be. I followed the instructions down to the letter.
I bought a new one today and I’m waiting for it to come in.
I just wanted to check around and see if anyone else has run into this problem in case the temp sensor doesn’t fix the issue.
2009 FZ6R
Thanks in advance

I apologize if I posted this in the wrong place.

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Being 10 years old, the radiator cap may not be working properly. It acts as a two-way valve. As the engine heats up and the coolant expands, it releases the extra coolant into the plastic reservior (Sometimes referred to as an overflow tank). When the engine is turned off and cools down, the cap opens a suction valve and allows the coolant to be drawn back into the radiator. The way to check if the suction valve is working is to remove the radiator cap after the bike sits for 6 or more hours. The coolant level in the radiator should be full right up the the bottom of the neck that the cap goes into. If the level is not up to the top, a new cap would be a wise investment. A leaky rubber seal on the cap can also cause the same problem. Same cure - New cap.


Since you recently had the coolant changed there may be some air stuck in the coolant system that will need to be "burped" out.

In the South Alabama heat, mine will hang around 190-200 cruising and in and out of traffic I might see 209ish..I only hit 212 and fan kick on whenever I shut the bike off in hot weather..which causes the temp to rise because no circulation, I’m guessing? My radiator, cap, coolant are all new, as well. I just let it do it’s thing, it’s never ran hot. ‍♂