Tail Light Connector


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Hey guys and gals! I bought a brake light modulator from TST Industries and they don't provide a connector that plugs into the stock connectors. Instead they provide you with some connectors and pins and want you to splice their harness into the bike's harness, which I would prefer not to do. Instead I want to get the connectors that are on the bike and replace their harness connectors with those so that I can just plug in to the bike. However, I can't seem to find these connectors anywhere. I went to a Yamaha specialist and it seems Yamaha wants you to buy the whole harness. I went to an auto parts store (Lordco) and they don't carry it.

I'm located in Vancouver Canada so any local options would be awesome, but open to buying online too. Here are some pics of the connectors I'm after. The pics are too big so here are links to the pics: Here, here and here.