Speed not matching rpm when hard twist the throttle


Hey everyone..

I'm having a problem with the rpm going up faster than the speed. Meaning when I give it a good quick throttle twist the bike moves at first normal then it sounds like it's in neutral like the rpm is going up fast but the speed isn't increasing with it.

I just increased the idle since it was a bit low. The bike also sounds like shit when cold starting. But then it warms up and sounds OK.

Did oil change a few hundred miles ago.

changed spark plugs roughly 2-3k miles ago. Did it myself and had a bit of a rough time and didn't check gap but seemed to run better after I changed them. Don't think it's that but based on some other posts does seem like plus could be issue. But don't want to dive into that yet.

Also have pcfc with hindle map of in not mistaken.

Any ideas??

Certainly feels like it too.

I actually turned the idle back down since I turned it to like 1600-1700 which I think was a bit high but the bike always putters for a while at cold start and then even when I'm riding and on steady throttle at around let's say 20-30mph or 2500 3000 rpm as a very rough number, it still sounds like the engine rpm is going up and down very fast. Meaning like it's not steady rpm or smoothness.

But lowering idle down seemed to have helped and on ride to work it was fine.

I'm still thinking I need to at least clean my fuel filter if not get a new one

I have about 16,000 miles and besides oil changes and tires and chain service and sprocket change I haven't done any other maintenance. Even brakes seem still OK.
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clutch cable have some slack, even at full lock left and right?

Good question. I'll have to check that. I bought fuel injector cleaner which will come tomorrow I think. I should have time Friday to put it in and go for a ride and I'll check the Cable slack as well.